Top Digital Marketing Techniques for Your Business


People sometimes say that there’s no right or wrong way to market a business, but that is not even the slightest bit true. Some techniques are indisputably more effective than others, while there are also some techniques that are so wrong, they’re more likely to do harm than good.

Common misconceptions
There is plenty of bad advice floating around out there. Not all of it is malicious, often it is simply that those providing the advice don’t realize how hopelessly out of date their recommendations are. The Internet is a constantly changing environment, and to be successful in this environment, we must all be able to adapt in line with these changes.

One of the greatest fallacies is that email newsletters is the best online marketing tool. They’re not entirely useless, and still serve a purpose, but the truth of things is that these days most people get far too much email, and while they may be subscribed to dozens of email lists, they’ll rarely read any of these messages. That being said email newsletters can be extremely valuable if they are used correctly by business marketers.

Other erroneous advice includes that you should limit the amount of textual content you provide on your web pages, that you should write your web page content in formal academic language, and that you should focus all of your attention on young people connecting through mobile apps. Every one of these ideas is false, but you’d be amazed how many people think these are correct approaches.

The ideas that do work
Now it’s time to turn our attention in a positive direction and look at what marketing techniques are more likely to bring you results.

1. Website Integration with Social Media
Too many businesses have a sharp division between their official website and any social media presence they may happen to have. In the worst extremes, a business will have social media only and no official site. These are serious mistakes that you’ll want to avoid. When you have social media marketing and a website working in harmony with each other, beautiful things will arise from that relationship.

2. High value content strategy
This is a real gold mine if you do it properly. The concept is simple: give more to the user through your content than they’re expecting. Most sites are doing the opposite, disappointing users from the outset, so if you’re different for the right reasons you’ll be remembered and maybe even talked about. It means that if you entice a reader to your site, they will find the information they seek, they’ll get the best quality of information available, and you’ll present it in an attractive way. Your content will be easy to navigate and will work flawlessly across a range of different devices.

3. Correct implementation of web apps
We mentioned apps briefly in the section on things you shouldn’t do, so it must come as a surprise to see it here in the recommended techniques section. Well the truth is that you certainly should not make the app the main feature of what you present to the world, and unlike the misguided fools who we were talking about earlier, your app will actually serve a real purpose.

Lots of apps out there don’t really do anything. They just sit there as a permanent ad that’s been installed on somebody’s phone, or they are just a mirror of your business website. A good app serves a purpose and helps your users to accomplish things.

Let’s suppose, for example, your business manufactures wines. The app you produce might help people to locate merchants who stock your products near to where they are, or it might recommend which wine they should select based on the meal they are planning to have. There are endless similar possibilities.

When you are ready to build a great mobile app , make sure that you find a good company with years of experience.